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Minimalist Men


As with everything else, quality is very important for watch. As Svenn Wood Watch, we designed and produced all our watches. Before presenting our collections to you, we have completed long-term quality tests and minimalist design studies, and then decided to start mass production by determining our competitive pricing. By examining in detail all the parts from the pin, which is used to hold the links of the wooden watch together, the glass, the mechanism of the wooden timepiece and of course the wood type, we finally produced a quality wooden watch. We're not saying that for the sake of it! Most of our sales are made up of our customers who take the 2nd watch. Do you think it is possible for someone who is not satisfied to buy the second hour from the same place?



You want to have a timepiece that is very trendy lately. Naturally, you are searching for the best design, the best quality, the most attractive one at an affordable price. All of these features can be found in the Svenn Wood Watches collections. Our designers have brought together all the quality parts for you with great designs and presented them to your appreciation. We have done our best to have the best men's watches at an affordable price. If you want to have the best men's wooden watch, you should check out the Svenn Wood Watch men's collection.


Although men do not seem to follow fashion, many men watch fashion closely. Nowadays, wooden accessories are fashionable because of their stylish, distinctive, natural appearance. For many years, wooden watches seem to maintain their place in the fashion world. Wooden watches with looks and convenience increases its share in the world of watches. As in all other areas, the world is turning to natural materials in the selection of accessories. You can buy a watch from our Svenn Wood Watch collection and carry the fashion on your wrist.


People like to be attracted, liked and curious with their clothes and accessories. We like it when someone likes an accessory and asks about it. Wooden timepieces are unique and attract attention in every environment you enter. Everyone wonders what a wooden watch is like, how wood can be made elegant with such fine workmanship and where to buy it. While answering these questions, you find yourself in a sweet conversation with people. Since our whole team uses our wooden clocks, we know this very well ...


Nowadays everyone knows how fashionable wood is. Of course, wood has taken its most special and beautiful place in our accessories. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces ... now everyone wants to have wooden watches. If you want to have the best wooden watches, you must take a look at our Svenn Wooden Watch collections. Because, we claim that when you compare all watches on the market, Svenn Watches offer high quality with accessible and at affordable prices. You will surely have one of our models appealing to every style. You can examine our wood types, mechanism, glass quality in detail from our website. You can buy the best wooden watch that you don't even want to remove from your wrist.


Glass material used in watches is an important factor. The glass material has a complementary role in making the watch quality and eye-catching. It is also a factor that provides ease of use. Imagine that the watch on your arm has no problem scratching, isn't it great? We, as Svenn Wood Watches team, preferred sapphire crystal glass in all our watches. Because saphire glass has the highest hardness after diamond in the world. Which means that the only way to scratch a sapphire glass watch is to scratch a diamond in your hand! Sapphire glass watches are more durable and harder to scratch screens than others. Apart from being a rare substance, we can say that this is what makes sapphire expensive in every field where it is used. That's why watch enthusiasts especially prefer sapphire glass watches.


One of the first things that comes to mind when considering a gift for men is the watch and the purchase of such a gift makes every man happy. In particular, a watch that carries a meaningful message on it, but also distinguishes itself from other ordinary watches by being wooden, is a precious watch. As Svenn Wood Watches, we allow you to customize your watch when you buy a gift to the people you care about. We can engrave the message on the back cover of the watch you purchased with your own handwriting or with your favorite font. So you create an unforgettable and unique gift.


The watch is an indispensable accessory for men. Everyone wants to have more than one timepiece to complete his style. You can buy a men's wooden watch from Svenn Watches collections and add a different and stylish watch to your collection.


Engraving watches are one of the best and special gift options for men. A special date, a word that replaces long sentences or a special note can make the wooden watch even more meaningful. Every time you look at the watch, you plug and unplug you can live or live that special moment. If you want to get a meaningful and unforgettable gift for your man, all you have to do is choose a watch from our men's collection, determine what you want to have on your watch and decide the font. Then wait for your cargo, and we will prepare the perfect gift.